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Energy Transfer Partners responds to inaccuracies about ME1 restart approval

May 4, 2018 — Last night, Sen. Andrew Dinniman issued a press release with false claims about the geophysical testing and regulatory process that proved the safe operation of our Mariner East 1 (ME1) pipeline. We would like to address these inaccuracies and set the record straight.

When the PUC halted operations on our ME1 pipeline, the PUC I&E Division hired a PA-based geophysics agency, ARM Group Inc., which issued an investigatory work plan to us that set the parameters for the geophysical testing. The work plan from the PUC included three forms of geophysical investigations. The data collection process for these investigations was monitored by ARM inspectors who were on site for all field activities. The collected data was divided between our geophysicists and engineers, and ARM’s geophysicists so that separate and independent analyses could take place.  Through this comprehensive investigation, both parties independently came to the same conclusions, which was that the safety and integrity of the pipeline was intact as it has been for decades and that the line could be safely returned to service.

Thus, Senator Dinniman’s claims that the PUC did not do an “independent professional geologic review” and that the PUC used our geophysical analysis as “evidence” in deciding the safety of Mariner East 1 is false. The PUC underwent an exhaustive review over a nearly two-month period before coming to its decision.  He also called out the age of our ME1 pipeline overlooking the fact that it underwent a $40 million refurbishing effort in 2014, further ensuring its continued safe operation.

The PUC’s press release, chairman’s statement, and order can be found here. The statement filed by I&E can be found here.

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