At Energy Transfer, we are committed to transporting and delivering the necessary energy products we rely on, like propane, for a sustainable future. In fact, propane sold from the truck racks at our Marcus Hook Terminal helps to meet much of the nation’s propane demand each winter. 

As we enter the fall season, we are gearing up to celebrate National Propane Day. On Oct. 7, we take a moment to appreciate the thousands of propane suppliers across the nation – most of which are small, family-owned businesses keeping our communities safe and warm. But that’s not all; National Propane Day is also about recognizing the vital role of propane in our everyday lives, igniting everything from epic football tailgates to sizzling grilling sessions and toasty patio gatherings with friends and family. Join us as we explore the world of propane and all its fall adventures.

Score Big with Propane Grills this Football Season

Don’t pack up the grill just yet! While summer usually takes the cake for BBQ season, fall is your chance to shine at your favorite team’s tailgate. The propane grill is your MVP, offering precision temperature control, lightning-fast start-ups, and an astounding three times fewer greenhouse gases than charcoal grilling. Touchdown! And here’s the kicker: it’s super portable. Grab a tank at your local grocery or hardware store to keep the flames alive during your camping trips, tailgates, and all those other outdoor escapades this fall.

Keep the Party Going with Propane Patio Heaters

Chilly weather got you down? Propane heaters are here to keep outdoor fun rolling, no matter the season. While initially designed for restaurants and ski lodges, these heaters are your golden ticket to hosting year-round outdoor gatherings while enjoying the fresh air. They heat up faster than you can say “cozy,” and they’re versatile enough for outdoor dining or creating a snug hangout space for your friends and family. Plus, they’re safe, reliable, and won’t break the bank.

Campfire Vibes with Propane Fire Pits

Longing for the campfire experience without the smoke, odors, and fuss of wood-burning fires? Say hello to the propane fire pit: your trusty companion for camping, RV or even backyard adventures. With propane, the fire pit’s heat is just a button press away, making it a breeze to enjoy a warm coffee by the fire on those crisp autumn mornings. Whether in your own backyard or out in the wilderness, propane fire pits will help you create heartwarming campfire moments.