The Mariner East pipeline system provides the needed infrastructure to transport propane, ethane and butane, all known as natural gas liquids (NGLs), from the Marcellus and Utica Shale fields to markets in Pennsylvania and beyond.

Mariner East 2 & 2X

The Mariner East pipeline system includes multiple pipelines across Pennsylvania connecting the prolific Marcellus/Utica Basins in the west to markets throughout the state and the broader region. As of February 2022, the final phase of construction of the Mariner East Pipeline is complete and commissioning is in progress.

End markets

The Mariner East system will connect along its route to a new power plant in Cambria County for ethane feed, as well as two local area propane and butane distribution terminals. The system is also playing a major role in repurposing the Marcus Hook Terminal as the preeminent hub in the northeastern United States for distribution of these natural resources to domestic and global markets.

Propane, butane and ethane are products of natural gas development. They are gases that come out of the ground with traditional natural gas (methane) and are shipped in liquid form; that’s why they are called natural gas liquids. Propane is used to heat homes, businesses and farms, ethane can be used as a fuel for power generation, and butane is a component of gasoline. All three are used as basic feedstocks for making plastics, coatings, clothing and a host of other products we use every day.

The Natural Gas Chain

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