As the days get shorter, the weather gets colder and winter approaches, the season also brings many joys, like staying cozy by the fireplace, gathering with loved ones during the holidays, spending less on gasoline and hitting the slopes. Fortunately, natural gas liquids help make all these winter festivities possible so you can have a safe and warm holiday season.

Get Cozy with Propane

It may surprise you that over 6 million homes in the United States rely on propane for heat. That’s almost 5% of all American households – not to mention the many businesses and farms that use propane as their primary heating source. Especially in places that lack access to natural gas – such as Vermont, New Hampshire, Montana and the Dakotas – propane is critical to helping residents survive the winter. Propane has many advantages, such as being portable, dependable and affordable. Plus, propane can be used for fireplaces, as its high efficiency offers more heat than a wood-burning fire, without the hassle of collecting or buying firewood.

Butane Blending: The Magic Behind Lower Gasoline Prices

With the onset of colder months, consumers save money at the pump as gasoline prices drop due to butane blending, to adjust for seasonal weather changes. Butane is an abundant natural gas byproduct that ischeaper than gasoline; hence the reduction in overall fuel costs. Energy Transfer helps make this possible with its more than 100 automated butane blending sites in 33 states. Butane blending can occur at terminals, or it can be injected directly into our pipelines.

Learn more here about butane blending.

Deck the Halls with Decorations Made by Ethane

It’s almost the time of year to bring out the garland, wreaths and reindeer from storage. Did you know that many of your cherished ornaments and decorations owe their existence to natural gas liquids? Ethane plays a crucial role in manufacturing the plastic used to make snow globes and twinkling Christmas lights. Who knew the holidays had a touch of natural gas in it?

Let it Snow! Winter Fun Fueled by Natural Gas Byproducts

For some, winter is their favorite season for one reason and one reason only – snow! And with snow comes many fun activities like skiing, snowboarding and sledding. From your skis, boots and jackets to snow tubes and sleds, winter fun is derived from natural gas liquids.

As we gather with family and friends this holiday season, let’s remember that natural gas liquids make our favorite winter activities possible.