Energy Transfer issues statement

Feb. 8, 2019 — We have communicated to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and to the governor’s office that we are committed to bringing the Revolution project in Pennsylvania into full compliance with all environmental permits and applicable regulations.

This action does not affect the operation of any of our in-service pipelines or any areas of construction where permits have already been issued.  We look forward to continuing to work with the DEP throughout this process.

Energy Transfer announces Mariner East 2 is in service

DALLAS – December 29, 2018 – Energy Transfer announced that effective today its Mariner East 2 natural gas liquids (NGLs) pipeline is in service, available for both interstate and intrastate service. The 350-mile NGL pipeline transports domestically produced ethane, propane and butane east from processing plants in Ohio across West Virginia and Pennsylvania to Energy Transfer’s Marcus Hook Industrial Complex in Delaware County, Pa., where the NGLs are stored for distribution to local, domestic and waterborne markets.

Mariner East 2 is part of Energy Transfer’s Mariner East system of pipelines designed to provide much-needed NGL takeaway capacity for the Marcellus and Utica Shale production areas in Eastern Ohio, West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania. The Mariner East 2X pipeline, which parallels Mariner East 2, is expected to be in service in late 2019. The Mariner East system will provide both operational flexibility and enhanced security of NGL supply from producing areas to key markets in the region and beyond.

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Mariner East: $9.1 Billion in the Pipeline

Our people and our facilities throughout Pennsylvania have been contributing to the state’s economy for more than a century, most recently through the expansion of our Marcus Hook facility as part of Mariner East 1 and Mariner East 2 pipeline projects.

The economic impact study released Jan. 8 by Econsult Solutions shows the importance of this project to our state’s economy, not only to the thousands of local tradespeople who are earning family-sustaining wages and spending their money in the community but to the hundreds of local companies providing goods and services to those workers, their families, and their companies.

This is what happens when you invest $5 billion in Pennsylvania. The completion of the Mariner East 2 pipeline will only create more opportunities for investment and local job creation in the state.

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Mariner East Quick Facts

The Mariner East projects are designed to provide needed pipeline infrastructure to transport ethane, propane and other petroleum products from the Marcellus Shale to markets in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

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Construction of the Mariner East 2 pipeline continues to make significant progress across the 350-mile pipeline system, with thousands of workers in the field operating safely and efficiently to build this critical multibillion-dollar energy infrastructure project.


PA Public Utility Commission unanimously votes to approve restart of Mariner East 1

Energy Transfer Partners issues statement after PA PUC approves restart of ME1 pipeline.


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