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Statement from Sunoco Pipeline

Reward offered for information leading to arrest on equipment that was vandalized

Sunoco Pipeline is offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest for construction equipment that was vandalized between April 2nd and 3rd. Multiple pieces of equipment along the Mariner East 2 Pipeline right-of-way in West Whiteland Township, Pennsylvania, experienced intentional vandalism causing significant damage and potentially harmful impacts. An investigation into the incident in cooperation with local law enforcement is underway.

Please call 855-430-4491 with any information.

We understand there are varying opinions about critical infrastructure projects like the Mariner East 2 Pipeline, and we respect the rights of all to peacefully protest, however, destruction of equipment is not peaceful. What we find most concerning is the environmental damage caused by those who say they are “protecting the environment.”

Construction continues in compliance with all of our permit conditions on this much-needed infrastructure project. Mainline construction is 97% complete.

Mariner East 2 update

We are committed to delivering safe, clean, reliable energy to build a strong Pennsylvania economy.

Construction is currently underway on Mariner East 2, a 350-mile pipeline that will transport hundreds of thousands of barrels of ethane, butane and propane from the Marcellus Shale region to a storage complex being constructed at Marcus Hook.

Mariner East 2 is critical to Pennsylvania’s economy, and construction is putting thousands of workers back on the job. With mainline pipeline construction more than 90 percent complete and horizontal directional drilling more than 60 percent complete for in-service, we look forward to completing the Mariner East 2 project safely and beginning service in a timely manner.


Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a steerable, trenchless method of installing underground pipe in an arc along a prescribed bore path. The use of this method greatly minimizes surface disturbance and reduces environmental impact during construction. This construction method is used to install pipeline underneath waterways, wetlands, culturally sensitive areas, congested neighborhoods and roads.

Learn more about Horizontal Directional Drilling:

Mariner East Project to Generate Over $9 Billion in Economic Impacts in Pennsylvania

Our people and our facilities throughout Pennsylvania have been contributing to the state’s economy for more than a century, most recently through the expansion of our Marcus Hook facility as part of the Mariner East 1 and Mariner East 2 pipeline projects.

The economic impact study released Jan. 8 by Econsult Solutions shows the importance of this project to our state’s economy, not only to the thousands of local tradespeople who are earning family-sustaining wages and spending their money in the community, but to the hundreds of local companies providing goods and services to those workers, their families and their companies.

This is what happens when you invest $5 billion in Pennsylvania.  The completion of the Mariner East 2 pipeline will only create more opportunities for investment and additional job creation in Pennsylvania.

Read more about the economic impact of Mariner East

Mariner East Quick Facts

The Mariner East projects are designed to provide needed pipeline infrastructure to transport ethane, propane and other petroleum products from the Marcellus Shale to markets in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.


Projects in the News

Sunoco Pipeline trained more than 750 first responders in pipeline safety this year

Sunoco Pipeline recently completed the Mariner Emergency Responder Outreach (MERO) program for the Mariner East 2 pipeline project. MERO has hosted specialized training sessions this year for more than 750 first responders in communities where Sunoco Pipeline’s Mariner East system will operate.


Sunoco Pipeline MERO Training


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