Be a part of the continued renaissance at Marcus Hook Industrial Complex

Nine million man hours, 5,000 individual workers and $7.1 million annually in property taxes. That’s just the beginning at Marcus Hook Industrial Complex (MHIC).

Energy Transfer’s improvements and developments at MHIC in southeast Pennsylvania have benefited the region’s economy tremendously since 2012, and Project Phoenix will continue this investment into the commonwealth.

Project Phoenix will increase the facility’s ability to process, store and transport ethane, generating up to 600 construction jobs during peak construction and an expected 20 permanent positions within the facility. The project will comply with all applicable air quality requirements, including the use of best-available technology to control emissions.

The requested permits will allow Delaware County and Pennsylvania to flourish, reduce our country’s reliance on foreign energy and continue to enhance our environment.

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As part of the ongoing transformation from the former Marcus Hook oil refinery to a world-class natural gas liquids hub, “Project Phoenix” consists of the addition of equipment to expand ethane processing capabilities at MHIC.  Ethane is primarily used to produce ethylene, which is used to produce many of the household goods and items we depend upon every day.

What Is Happening at MHIC?

In 2020, the expanded ongoing operations at MHIC will generate massive economic impacts, including overall operating costs between $98 and $147 million in 2020 in Pennsylvania, generating a potential annual economic impact between $142 and $213 million.

The proposed equipment will purify the ethane to meet applicable specifications; chill and store the ethane; and move the product out of MHIC. The types of equipment to be installed include two 600,000-barrel refrigerated ethane storage tanks; one air-assisted cold flare; one amine treatment system for excess carbon dioxide removal; one dehydration system for water removal; and piping for two systems that will chill the ethane and remove methane from dry ethane.

Project Phoenix will generate up to 600 construction jobs during peak construction and is expected to result in the addition of approximately 20 permanent positions in Marcus Hook. The project involves a specific process design for the planned ethane feedstock, and it will utilize the available capacity of existing utilities at the site.

The project will comply with all applicable air quality requirements, including the use of best-available technology to control emissions.

How Does This Benefit the Local Community?

Local residents and businesses will undoubtedly benefit from this continued revitalization of MHIC. The facility is estimated to support between 360 and 530 jobs this year alone, with earnings between $31 and $46 million each year in Pennsylvania. Hardworking craftspeople in Delaware County and the surrounding areas depend on these family-sustaining jobs that feed back into the economy.


What’s Next?

Project Phoenix is in the review and approval process. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has reviewed the application and confirmed that Energy Transfer complied with all applicable air permit application requirements. From there, a draft Plan Approval was issued, and the public currently has an opportunity to provide written comments before the DEP issues its final Plan Approval. Comments are due by 11:59 p.m. EST on April 12, 2020.

Copies of the applications and draft Plan Approvals are available for review online at Written comments should be mailed to the Air Quality Program, 2 E. Main St., Norristown, PA 19401, or submitted online at [email protected], with the subject designating for which draft Plan Approval the comment is intended.