The Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development notified us the evening of Tuesday, April 7, that the latest approvals we received for additional construction activity in Pennsylvania were delivered in error and that our waiver requests remain under review by the commonwealth. We are working to get clarification on the situation and will update you as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, we continue the construction-related activity that was exempted and/or previously approved by the commonwealth, which allows us to safely secure, stabilize and move equipment, as needed, to prevent potential impacts to safety and the environment.

In late March, the commonwealth determined that waivers were not needed to continue monitoring and maintaining the rights-of-way and work sites associated with our construction projects in Pennsylvania, including Mariner East 2. Additionally, our pipeline systems and facilities that are in service have been deemed life-sustaining activities and will continue to safely operate. We are also continuing maintenance work on these assets.

As for the construction activity that remains temporarily halted, we remain engaged with regulators, such as the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC), to ensure that all of our sites are maintained in accordance with our existing permits.