These unprecedented times have highlighted that there are heroes all around us. We would like to take a moment to thank all the men and women in service industries — they are the true heroes of this challenging time. 

Our first responders and healthcare professionals are on the front lines, demonstrating bravery, dedication and compassion as they care for our friends, families and neighbors. They are proudly doing their jobs to keep us healthy and safe.

Energy Transfer has a long-standing partnership with our first responders through programs such as the First Responder Fund, and we will continue to find ways to support those who keep our communities safe. That includes our recent purchase of smart glasses for the Marcus Hook Trainer and Upper Merion fire departments. We have also been able to support Delaware County first responders by donating $25,000 for a new portable shelter to help the Major Incident Response Team (MIRT) with COVID-19 efforts.

Since 2016, the First Responder Fund has provided over $900,000 to Pennsylvania first responders.

Making nutritious food available to those in need is just as important, and for that we thank our local food banks. This is why we just donated $15,000 to the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank to help with the organization’s crisis response efforts.

The list is long of the incredible people who continue to serve the public and make sacrifices to support the COVID-19 fight. We are grateful to every single one of them.