Sunglasses — check. Kayak — check. Propane grill — check. What do all these things have in common? They all require propane. And as millions of Americans kick off the summer with outdoor activities, lawn and garden projects and gatherings with friends and family, propane is a big part of this time of year.

Pennsylvania produces a significant amount of propane, which is transported via the Mariner East pipeline system from the Marcellus region to locations across the state and beyond. Propane that is sold from our truck racks at the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex in Delaware County helps to meet much of the region’s propane demand. More than 44% of this propane remains in the state, with 92% staying within Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland.

Whether you’re using propane as a safe and affordable fuel for grilling, or utilizing the many products made with propane and its byproducts, it’s an essential resource for the season.

Fuel for Fun
Let’s start with the obvious: propane grills. You and most people you know probably have one (or more!), either a full-size grill on the patio or a portable one for camping and tailgating. According to the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association, 61% of Americans use propane grills, as opposed to charcoal or electric. Propane allows you to safely and quickly grill hamburgers and hot dogs (and anything else that tastes good with grill marks!) for a crowd, so you can get the cooking done and focus on hanging out with family and friends. A tank of propane goes a long way; plus, it’s affordable to get refilled. 

As the sun starts setting, propane can also keep you warm. Cozy up to an energy-efficient propane heater on cool nights, or gather around a propane fire pit for s’mores and storytelling without having to constantly keep the fire going. These heat sources can often run on the same type of propane tank used for your grill. 

Made With Propane
We are surrounded by products and materials derived from propane. Propane is commonly used for the production of plastics and weather-resistant fabrics, especially for outdoor activities.

Want some shade? Propane is needed to make patio umbrellas, tents and sunglasses.

Heading out on the water? Rafts, life vests, coolers, kayaks, paddles and boats are all made from propane-derived plastics.

Looking for an outdoor activity? Bikes, flying discs, whiffle balls and bats, volleyballs and many yard games are made possible because of plastics and nylons made with propane.

So, as we start to gather again with our friends and family to enjoy many of our favorite activities, let’s remember that, without propane, getting back to our normal summer fun wouldn’t be the same.