State regulators, emergency response representatives, and other experts testified at a recent hearing in Harrisburg that our Mariner East pipeline system’s county-by-county emergency response plans are in compliance with Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) guidelines and that the company is a good community partner.

“Energy Transfer is a good partner. We work with them; we drill with them; we meet with them. I do not have an adversarial relationship with them in any way,” Tim Boyce, director of the Delaware County Department of Emergency Services, said at the hearing.

David Padfield, acting director of PEMA, confirmed to the Pennsylvania House Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness Committee, which hosted the hearing, that the agency has reviewed every county’s emergency response plan to ensure it is adequate.

Through our Mariner Emergency Response Outreach (MERO) program, we have trained more than 2,300 first responders at 84 sessions and have hosted emergency preparedness meetings with more than 25 schools. We have also provided more than $1 million to first responder departments throughout Pennsylvania to help pay for equipment and training.

Bill Godsey, president of Geo Logic Environmental Services, also testified at the hearing that pipelines are the safest and most reliable form of transportation for energy products and that regulations governing transmission pipelines are the most stringent.

“The regulatory processes for pipelines such as Mariner East are intentionally rigorous, and Energy Transfer exceeds the regulations set forth by the regulators,” he said.

For the Mariner East pipeline system, we are using 100 percent union labor, inspecting and X-raying 100 percent of our welds, and monitoring our assets 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year with a comprehensive integrity management program.

In a discussion about pipeline safety, acting Pennsylvania Fire Commissioner Bruce Trego stated that the greatest threat is sabotage from outside sources.

Energy Transfer Vice President of Public Affairs and Government Relations Joe McGinn testified at the hearing and answered questions from committee members regarding our comprehensive pipeline integrity programs and our construction standards that often exceed strict federal regulations for pipeline safety.

“We have been safely moving products through the commonwealth for more than 80 years,” McGinn said at the hearing. “As a company, we strive for excellence and will continue to apply the highest standards when operating our energy infrastructure.”

McGinn also highlighted our participation in more than 750 meetings related to Mariner East and our continued efforts to work with communities, first responders and elected officials every day.

The hearing was organized by Rep. Steve Barrar, chairman of the Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness Committee.

To watch the hearing in its entirety, visit here.