On Monday, March 11, we responded to media reports regarding a letter sent to Gov. Tom Wolf from 14 state elected officials in Pennsylvania. The letter incorrectly claimed that we have withheld safety preparedness information when, in fact, we have provided all training and information that we can while abiding by Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) regulations. Read our response to the letter here:


We have been working through this request with PHMSA to help the Chester County Department of Emergency Services obtain a copy of our Facility Response Plan.

PHMSA has delegated the authority to release approved Pipeline Facility Response Plans, which any emergency management department can request.

We follow the guidelines and regulations set by PHMSA on these matters. We anticipate that PHMSA will provide the plan to Chester County this week.

Moreover, at the request of the Chester County Department of Emergency Services, we have supplied copies of our standard operating procedures for responding to emergency situations.

We have also met with more than 40 schools in the vicinity of Mariner East 1 and Mariner East 2 pipelines to discuss emergency response planning, including school districts in Chester County. 

In addition, we have trained more than 2,342 emergency responders through our Mariner Emergency Responder Outreach (MERO) sessions, including more than 260 responders from Chester County.

We share Chester County’s focus on pipeline safety and look forward to their receipt of our plan from PHMSA.