Energy Transfer is committed to treating all landowners fairly and to communicating with the public frequently. We have a dedicated team of community relations professionals who have been communicating with leaders, landowners, schools and first responders about the Mariner East project since 2014.

These communications have included monthly newsletters, a frequently updated website, regular updates to local officials and community leaders, emergency response training and timely social media updates.

Recently, we sat down with some landowners to see how things were going during the construction of our Mariner East pipeline system. Here are a couple of their stories.

Berks County landowner Ken Stoudt and his wife have lived on their property for more than 40 years. Mr. Stoudt said, “Energy Transfer came to me and proposed putting two pipelines through my property. I got to see firsthand their workmanship and expertise, but more importantly, they became like family.”

Watch the video to learn more.

Nick Romano, a landowner from Chester County, said, “From the beginning, Energy Transfer dealt with me in good faith. They answered all of my questions. They provided detailed construction plans.

“There’s a misconception that pipelines are unsafe and that the pipeline companies don’t respect landowners. They absolutely respected me as a landowner.”

Watch the video to learn more.

We will continue our efforts to work with landowners and communicate project updates throughout the construction and operation of our Mariner East pipeline system.