Conservation and energy development go hand in hand. From planning and design to restoration and operation, we are committed to ensuring the long-term integrity of the environment. Beyond our work to restore our rights-of-way to their original state or better than before, we partner with conservation organizations to protect and enhance Pennsylvania’s natural resources and wildlife.

Ruffed Grouse Society
This past winter, we worked alongside the Pennsylvania Game Commission, Ruffed Grouse Society, and industry peers to improve wildlife habitat on State Game Lands 12 and 36 in Franklin Township, Bradford County. As part of this Roughneck Aspen Management Project, which encompassed 107 acres, we helped fell trees to increase the amount of “early successional habitat” for a variety of species, including ruffed grouse, American woodcock, golden-winged warbler, deer, bear, and turkey.

Game Commission personnel provided technical support and oversight for the project, while the partnering companies deployed contractors and provided funds to harvest timber. As part of our efforts, we also donated $12,500 to the Ruffed Grouse Society.

“These energy development companies have interests on state game lands and are committed to giving something back to wildlife and sportsmen,” Game Commission Land Management Group Supervisor Phil Kasper said. “The Roughneck Aspen Management Project is a prime example of how a wildlife agency, partnering with conservation organizations and industry, can make large-scale impacts on wildlife habitat within the commonwealth.”

Pennsylvania Trout in the Classroom and Trout Unlimited
In March, we donated $18,000 to support the Pennsylvania Trout in the Classroom program, developed to introduce students to water conservation and coldwater resource projects. The program director said this donation will not only support the program but will impact students in a positive way throughout the state. Additionally, we donated $12,000 to support Trout Unlimited’s Poplar Run Conservation project in northeastern Pennsylvania.

Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area
We also recently renovated walking paths and repaved parking lots at State Game Lands 46 in Lebanon and Lancaster counties, home to the Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area. These renovations provide much-improved access to one of the most visited state game lands in Pennsylvania. Every spring, thousands of visitors flock to the region to see the awe-inspiring migration of up to 150,000 snow geese. If you haven’t seen it, you are missing out!

Pennsylvania is an incredible state with a lot to offer outdoors enthusiasts and families looking to explore the outdoors. We are proud to partner with conservation organizations to build a better environmental future for the commonwealth.