Habitat conservation and protection in Pennsylvania are top priorities in everything we do, and this summer that means we’re putting a focus on fish habitats and awareness. We are proud to support local fishermen and environmental organizations that make a difference across the commonwealth.

We enjoy partnering with many habitat conservation groups across the state and supporting their ongoing efforts to protect Pennsylvania’s natural resources. Those efforts include funding treatments to combat invasive species, helping to clear timber to create early-successional habitats, building fish habitat structures and sponsoring fishing tournaments to promote the sport and help preserve our beautiful wildlife and habitats.

Every Energy Transfer pipeline or infrastructure project starts with careful environmental planning, and we work closely with regulatory agencies such as the Department of Environmental Protection. After pipeline construction is complete, we are committed to restoring our rights-of-way — including the habitat and vegetation — to their original states or better. Here are just a few ways that we have been committed to preserving Pennsylvania’s aquatic natural resources this summer.

Treating Invasive Hydrilla on Raystown Lake
Energy Transfer continues to partner with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to fund a number of conservation and habitat improvement projects in Pennsylvania. With the help of our funding, the USACE has been treating hydrilla, an invasive plant that is known to alter native habitats, impact fisheries and interfere with (or even prohibit) water recreation.

In July, we joined the USACE on Raystown Lake, where it implemented several types of hydrilla treatment. This time, the treatment plan involved fluridone, a slow-acting herbicide in pellet form that moves from foliage to the roots of the plant. Applied from boats, fluridone is more efficient than liquid treatments.

Family Fishing Day at Rose Valley Lake
On July 24, Energy Transfer sponsored and volunteered at the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission’s Family Fishing Day at Rose Valley Lake in Lycoming County. Along with other industry partners, we provided lunch, T-shirts, fishing poles and tackle boxes for more than 100 children from disadvantaged families in Lycoming and Clinton counties.

At the event, children visited multiple stations to learn how to tie knots, bait a hook and cast. They also learned about fish and how to respect the environment.

Protecting Pennsylvania’s Striped Bass
The Pennsylvania Striped Bass Association (PSBA) promotes, protects and preserves the quality of striped bass in Pennsylvania’s freshwater lakes, with a focus on Raystown Lake. For the 2021 season, Energy Transfer has been the PSBA’s Tournament Trail sponsor. That means we provided food and awards for the organization’s Open Tournament at Raystown Lake, Aug. 14-15. And we will be providing the meal for the PSBA end-of-year banquet, as well as plaques and jackets for Tournament Trail winners.

Photo courtesy of Pennsylvania Striped Bass Association

These are just a few of the agencies and conservation groups that we are proud to support every year. Keep reading to learn more about Energy Transfer’s ongoing efforts to support environmental conservation and habitat improvement.