Support for Mariner East


Pennsylvania jobs. American energy independence. Reduced carbon emissions. Safe, environmentally responsible energy transportation. There are many reasons supporters have stood behind the Mariner East pipeline system — from planning to construction and operation.

Throughout construction and operation of the Mariner East pipelines, we have prioritized communications to all municipalities and landowners impacted. Keeping communities and stakeholders informed is critical to open communications.

How do you get 2 million work hours without injury? It’s a culture.

Ed Human

Energy Transfer

Recent buildouts like Energy Transfer’s Mariner East pipeline project and others play an important role in getting vital and valuable natural gas liquids (NGLs) to market.

Jeff Nobers

Builders Guild of Western Pennsylvania

The revitalization of our region as a thriving energy hub is bringing home jobs and economic returns.

 Jeff Kotula

Washington County Chamber of Commerce

Working with Communities

To keep communities up to date throughout the construction of Mariner East 2 and Mariner East 2X, we have responded to hundreds of emails and phone calls to address questions and concerns, as well as conducting a number of outreach efforts with county and municipal leaders and community organizations. Additionally, our Mariner East News & Views newsletters are distributed monthly.

Our commitment to keeping communities engaged in an open dialogue throughout the Mariner East projects is reflected in the numerous comments submitted through public records to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission and media outlets. Read what the voices of Mariner East have said about this critical energy infrastructure project below:

The borough is happy that this facility has been repurpesed and that the new jobs are coming back to Marcus Hook.

Andrew Weldon

Borough Manager
Marcus Hook

This is how you build your communities and this is how we prosper together.

Hank Alexander

Senior Vice President
Energy Transfer / Sunoco Partners

I’m proud of the work we do because we believe safe and efficient infrastructure is essential.

Jim Gallagher

Steamfitters Local 420

Products that range from lifesaving to those that make our life more comfortable are used in such a seamless way, we don’t realize how they exist. I don’t see anyone wanting to live without them.

David Moore

Vice President
United Steelworkers Local 5652

Sunoco Pipeline not only increases economic opportunities in this region, they do it with the latest technologies and state-of-the-art environmental controls.

Charles Freimuth

Site Manager
Nooter Construction

Our members want to see Mariner East 2 completed, and we want to see it done safely.

Bill Adams

IBEW 654

The Mariner East project has been present for six of the eight years that I have been here in Chartiers Township, and I feel the partnership with Energy Transfer has always been honest and upfront.

John Marcischak

Chartiers Township Board of Supervisors

They’re going to be working on pollinator habitat for the next five years, they’re going to be still doing work to enhance our Northern Long-eared Bat conservation areas, and they’ve also volunteered to come back and help us with lake cleanup.

Jude Harrington


The fact that my husband and I are able to work together on Mariner East and provide for our family is both life-changing and surreal.

Brenda Matias-Falco

All Trades Distribution