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The Potential Impacts of the Mariner East Pipelines

Jan. 8, 2018

By 2020 the Mariner East projects, the fractionation facility and the associated improvements at MHIC will produce $140 million to $210 million of ongoing annual economic impacts in the commonwealth, supporting 360 to 530 direct, indirect and induced jobs with total earnings of$30 million to $45 million.

Economic benefits

Energy Transfer’s construction and operation of the Mariner East pipeline system and supporting infrastructure at the Marcus Hook Industrial Complex in southeast Pennsylvania are already benefiting the economy of the region — but that’s just the beginning.

9,500 Jobs

In 2018, independent consultant Econsult Solutions released an updated economic impact analysis of the multibillion-dollar project. Among the findings, the report shows the total potential economic impact of all Mariner East construction in the commonwealth, updated from a 2015 study, is estimated to be $9.1 billion, supporting approximately 9,500 total jobs each year over six years of construction, with earnings of $2.7 billion. This is more than double the previously estimated economic impact of construction of the projects being built by Energy Transfer.

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construction expenditures in Pennsylvania

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Marcus Hook

Industrial Complex

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million in annual operating costs

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one-time construction economic impact

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$140 - $210

million in economic impact each year

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$1.4 - $2.1

million in state taxes each year

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360 - 530

jobs supported each year

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temp jobs over 6 years of construction

Behind the numbers: Voices of Mariner East

For workers, their families and the communities through which these projects traverse, these pipelines are lifelines to family-sustaining wages and a tremendous opportunity for economic revitalization and increased tax revenue.

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